Dear Readers,

Scientific and Technical Information (Tudományos és Műszaki Tájékoztatás, TMT) is the leading journal on library and information science in Hungary. Starting with its volume 49, (January 2002), it has been available on the World Wide Web as well. From this issue, as an addition to the printed edition, it can also be accessed regularly on the Internet.

Content specification of the e-version:

  1. 1954–1995: selected (scanned) articles (with key words);
  2. 1996–1998: all articles (including the section „The altera pars”), summaries of the articles in English;
  3. 1999–2004: all content of the issues, plus summaries of the articles.

English speaking readers can use BROWSE or SEARCH options to have access to the abstracts of the articles that have been published since 1996. Full-text articles are available in Hungarian by selecting MAGYAR (=Hungarian) as language on the homepage.

Full access to the e-version is provided for the subscribers to the printed version by using userid and password obtained on registration. Readers with no subscription are provided by limited though free access to the electronic TMT (articles would the earliest become available half a year following their appearance).

If you have any questions or recommendations please contact the editors of the journal (